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Shazna was sweeter than honey.

I feel nostalgic.

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"Now it’s more like people are dressing up a certain way because they want to be visual kei or look visual kei. They are doing it to look like others instead of doing it to look different. This is obviously very different from when we started out more than ten years ago."

"They cannot make good sounds and music is more like a hobby for them. I cannot feel their soul in the music"

"To be honest, when we first started and we were wearing a lot of makeup on stage and stuff, there were a lot of bands doing that at the time in Japan, and people thought it was cool. But not anymore. The music was so unique, too — bands like X Japan. At that time, there weren’t any two bands that sounded alike; these days everyone sounds exactly the same."

"Back in the day, there were bands, but people would try to do things differently. Nowadays, there’s one band, and everyone copies off of them."

"I don’t think our breed of visual kei exists anymore."


— Some visual kei veterans expressing their opinions on visual kei of today (Kirito of Pierrot, Sugizo of LUNA SEA, Toshiya of DIR EN GREY, Kenzi of ANTI-FEMINISM/Kamaitachi, Dynamite Tommy of COLOR/FREE WILL, respectively). (via shunfuck)

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